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Column portfolio

There are countless options available today to increase the aesthetic quality (and monetary value) of a residential property. Columns are just one of the design options available to homeowners. If you are in the process of brainstorming for an upcoming renovation, there are many different types of stone columns to consider. Cantera Tuscan Column made from natural stone can come in various shades of color. Cantera stone is a prime building material that is ideal in the making of architectural columns.Tuscan and Doric columns may be simple in form, but the varied hues of this special stone can add depth and dimension to these classic column designs.

Meanwhile, there are other ways of elaborating on a Cantera stone column such as for instance the addition of a Corinthian capital. Corinthian columns with fluted shafts are great features to add to your home. These architectural columns are all low maintenance and they are versatile in that they are suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.