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Cantera Stone is quarried igneous stone carved into exquisite forms by expert craftsmen. This type of stone is a valuable resource which took millions of years in the making and it’s been designated for equally lofty purposes. In the 16th century, this stone was the prime choice for the building of monasteries and churches in Europe.

In modern times, customized carved stone is very highly in demand, which makes cantera stone AZ specialists some of the most sought after skilled craftsmen in the world. Carving this special stone that was formed by extreme pressure and heat within the earth takes special care and attention. It is very important for calcite material to be handled very well so that the blocks of stone can be transformed into hand-carved architectural and art pieces.

Fireplaces, corbels, fountains, rosettes, columns, moldings, and plinth blocks that are produced from calcite stone usually follow elegant designs in the European tradition. But there are skilled craftsmen who favor more exotic designs, drawing inspiration from art forms that originate elsewhere around the world.